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The 16th International IUPAP Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics

The Sixteenth International Conference on Few Body Problems in Physics,
was held at National Taiwan University,
Taipei, Taiwan,
March 6-10, 2000

While few-nucleon physics remains one of the main emphases, the investigation of hadron structure has emerged, as in recent meetings, as the central focus due to the advances in quantum chromodynamics and the very extensive and precise data from new experimental facilities such as the high energy electron accelerators. The use of laser and synchrotron radiation has opened up many new research opportunities in atomic and molecular physics, and an unprecedented large number of contributions in this field were received by this conference.

More than 240 scientists from 27 countries over the world attended the Taipei conference, and a total of 263 contributed papers were received. In all, 29 plenary talks, 134 oral presentations in parallel sessions, and 60 posters were presented during this meeting. Thanks to a grant from the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP), scientists from several Asian countries were able to attend Few Body Conference for the first time. There was also a record number of nine participants from Mainland China.

The next meeting, 17th International Conference on Few Body Problems in Physics, will take place in Durham, USA from
June 5-10, 2003. The conference organizer will be Prof. Werner Tornow (tornow\

The proceedings of Few Body 16 is expected to appear in Nuclear Physics A in January 2001.

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