C12. Commission on Nuclear Physics

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Report from C12 Commission

Shoji Nagamiya

1. Current C12 Members

NAGAMIYA, S. (Chair, Japan), HENNING W. F. (Vice Chair, Germany), Van OERS, W.T.H. (Secretary, Canada, FIORINI, E. (Italy, FREEDMAN, S.J. (USA), GUERREAU, D. (France), HWANG, W.Y.P. (Taiwan), KUTSCHERA, W. (Austria), MIN, D-P. (Korea), OGLOBLIN, A. (Russia, PETITJEAN, C. (Switzerland), RISKA, D-O. W. (Finland), SHEN, W-Q. (China), ZELLER, M. E. (USA, from C11), MCDONALD, A. B. (Canada, from C19), HAXTON, W. (USA, from PaNAGIC, THOMAS, A. W. (USA, Ad Hoc Comm. Chair)

2. C12 Commission Meeting in June, 2004, at Goeteborg, Sweden

2.1. Agenda

  • Recommendation of the sponsorship for international conferences
  • Discussion on Ad hoc Committee on “International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics”
  • Reports from other related commissions

2.2. Conference Sponsorship

  • PANIC05 (Santa Fe, NM, October 24-28, 2005) Type A
    • C12 decided to support this conference for 2005.
    • Concerns were expressed about US Visa issues.
  • INPC2007 (International Nuclear Physics Conference 2007) Type A
    • C12 decided the location of INPC2007 to Japan (most likely Tokyo).
    • INPC is the unique conference for which the location is decided by C12.
  • NN2006 + FB2006 both in Brazil
    • Wisdom of how these two should be organized was discussed.

3. Ad Hoc Committee on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics

  • One Full Day Meeting in Goeteborg (June 24, 2004) before the INPC2004.

3.1. Attendants

Anthony W. Thomas - JLab (Chair)
Richard F. Casten - Yale (Chair, NSAC)
Sam H. Aronson - BNL
Alan Shotter (for Jean-Michel Poutissou) - TRIUMF
Muhsin N. Harakeh - KVI (Chair, NuPECC)
Daniel Guerreau - IN2P3
Shoji Nagamiya - J-PARC (Chair, C12)
Wenlong Zhan - Landzhou
Walter F. Henning – GSI (Vice-Chair. C12)
Alexey A. Ogloblin - Kurchatov
Hideyuki Sakai - Tokyo (Chair, Japanese Experimental Nuclear Physics Committee)
Toru Motobayashi - RIKEN
Willem T.H. van Oers - Manitoba (Secretary)
Wen-qing Shen - Shanghai
Arthur B. Mcdonald - SNO

3.2. Agenda

  • Reports:

    Anthony W. Thomas: History and the Task of this Committee
    Shoji Nagamiya: Mission of this Committee
    Hideyuki Sakai : Status in Japan
    Richard F. Casten: Status in the USA
    Muhsin N. Harakeh: Status in Europe
    Alan Shotter: Status in Canada
    Wenlong Zhan: Status in China

  • General Discussions

3.3. Outcome

  • First Task of the Committee is to create a document that describes the world facilities.
  • Categories of Available Facilities in the World

a) First category: Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities

Feature: Many facilities in the world.

Regional usage rather than world-wide usage.

a) Second category: 1) Relativistic Heavy Ion Beam Facilities

2) Electron Beam Facilities

3) Kaon Factories

4) Underground Laboratories

Feature: A few facilities in the world.

World-wide usage.

  • C12 Commission decided to support the continuation of activities of this Ad Hoc Committee.

4. Other Issues

4.1. Future C12 Commission and Its Related Meetings

  • For a while (at least in 2005), no meetings will be held in the USA due to the US Visa problem.

4.2. Recent Highlights in Nuclear Physics

  • The draft was discussed.

4.3. Next C12 Commission Meeting

  • The first candidate: Hungary in association with Quark Matter 05 (August, 2005).
  • The second candidate: Thailand in association with Asia Pacific Conference in Few Body Physics Problems (July, 2005).
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