C18 Commission on Mathematical Physics (1981)

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

Last updated 2005-04-08
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Application for IUPAP Conference Sponsorship

Conferences in areas of mathematical physics, which further the Commission's objectives, are sponsored in accord with IUPAP's general policy. Requests for sponsorship and, if required, financial support should be submitted to the Commission using the application form on the IUPAP website.

Note that to receive IUPAP sponsorship, a conference must be of a high level and of an international character. Workshops, symposia and satellite conferences are not sponsored. Neither are annual conference sponsored. For conferences that follow a cycle, the preferred cycle is triennial.

Applicants should ensure that the following information is provided:
  • Full name of the conference
  • Acronym
  • Location
  • Dates
  • Type of conference and anticipated attendance:
    • Type A conferences should cover the broad field of mathematical physics and have 750 or more participants;
    • Type B conferences may be topical and cater to 300 - 600 participants;
    • Type C conferences cover special topics and have 50 - 200 participants; Type C events may be sponsored but without financial support
  • Grant requested
  • Name of organizer/contact person (address, phone, e-mail)
  • Conference web site URL
  • Registration fee (as of the year 2003 this is set at a maximum of US$ 400, including the fee for the proceedings but excluding banquet or meal charges)
  • Cycle for the conference (if new indicate)
  • If a letter of support from the National Liaison Committee has been requested
  • Brief description of the scope and subject matter of the conference

Applications for sponsorship are much more likely to be successful if supported by the National Liaison Committee in the context of other conferences supported.