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Salt Lake City ICRC LogoPlanning for the Salt Lake City ICRC is now in the home stretch. The third circular, though delayed by printing difficulties, should be out momentarily. To date there are 970 contributed papers, 499 registered participants (more yet to come) and 65 accompanying persons.  Check the Conference Web Page at for updated information about tours and social events as well as the tentative program and abstract list.


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The Gleb Wataghin Centennial

Art Image for Gleb Wataghin CentennialXI International Symposium of Very High Energy Cosmic Ray Interactions  to be held in Campinas, Brazil, from July 17th to July 21st,2000. This meeting of the ISVHECRI will celebrate the Centennial of PROFESSOR GLEB WATAGHIN . 

You can find the  Circular at the XI ISVHECRI website. 

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Aleksandr Voevodsky

Aleksandr Voevodsky, head of the Laboratory of High Energy Leptons in the Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Sciences passed away after a heart attack on February 25, 1999 at the age of 57.

He was born in Stalingrad, USSR on August 29, 1941 and graduated from Moscow University in 1965. From the very beginning his scientific carrier was connected with the Baksan Neutrino Observatory, then only planned for construction. As a collaborator of Prof. A.E. Chudakov he participated in developing a self-prepared liquid scintillator for large scintillation detectors, designing these detectors, and performing some pilot experiments with them. During the construction stage his role as an organizer was very important for such large facilities at Baksan as the Carpet air shower array and Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope (BUST). He was a key figure in many experiments carried out at the Underground Telescope, especially in the study of nuclear composition of primary cosmic rays through the muon bundles underground, search for magnetic monopoles (the upper limit was world-best for many years), analysis of cosmic ray anisotropy, search for proton decay, and many others. Later he was an initiator of constructing another air shower array "Andyrchi" on the mountain slope above the BUST, which was accomplished under his leadership, when he became a head of the Laboratory of High Energy Leptons after the retirement of Prof. Chudakov. A.V.Voevodsky was very active member of Cosmic Ray Council of Russian Academy of Sciences and represented the interests of Cosmic Ray community in the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. He was a very typical experimentalist who liked to work with his hands and paid much attention to details. But at the same time he had real talent in administration and was very good organizer. His death is a great loss for cosmic ray science in Russia.

Submitted by Aleksandr Lidvansky

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