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Conference Announcement: 35TH COSPAR, Paris

Conference Announcement: International Conference on Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields in Large Scale Structure
(3rd Korean Astrophysics Workshop)

Conference Announcement: COSMIC RAY INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 2004, GZK and Surroundings

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Logo for 28th ICRC The 28th ICRC was held in Tsukuba, Japan from July 31 - August 7, 2003. The editor would like to congratulate the organizing committee on the terrific job they did in planning and executing the conference. It was an excellent meeting.
Congratulations are also in order for:
Dr. Frank B. McDondald, winner of the O'Ceallaigh Medal
Dr. Pasquale Blasi, winner of the Shakti P. Duggal Award
and Prof. B. V. Sreekantan, winner of the Yodh Prize

There was a total of 761 participants (269 from Japan) from 41 countries. 1052 papers were presented with 272 in the SH sessions, 342 in the OG sessions, and 434 in the HE. 492 of these papers were oral presentations and 561 were posters. There were also 5 plenary talks, 1 Hess lecture, 7 highlight talks, and 9 rapporteur talks.

More information, and pictures from the conference are on the ICRC website.


Indian Painting The 29TH ICRC will be held August 03 - 11 , 2005 at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics and National Centre for Radio Astrophysics on the Pune University campus, Pune, India.

The website is and email can be sent to


will be held in Mexico (city TBD) in late August 2007. For more information about the 30 TH ICRC, please contact Dr. Jose Valdes-Calicia at

35TH COSPAR, Paris

Logo for 35th Cospar Conference The Committee on Space Research will host the 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly in Paris, France, 18 - 25 July 2004. The website is
Some (but not all) of the interesting sessions include:

Scientific Commission D: Space Plasmas in the Solar System, including Planetary Magnetospheres
D1.1 The Dynamic Heliosphere
D1.2 Heliospheric Cosmic Ray Transport, Modulation and Turbulence
D1.3/E2.4 Energetic Particle Acceleration - The Injection Problem: Who Gets to Play?
D2.1/C2.2/E3.1 Influence of the Sun's Radiation and Particles on the Earth's Atmosphere and Climate
D2.2/E3.2 Reconnection at Sun and in Magnetospheres
D2.3/E3.3/PSW2 International Living with a Star (ILWS) Program
D2.5/E3.5 Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Particle Events in Solar Cycle 23
D3.4 Horizons of Space Plasma Physics

Scientific Commission E: Research in Astrophysics from Space
E1.6 Sources of Cosmic Rays in the Galaxy
E2.1 Towards the Science of Solar-B and STEREO
E2.2 Mechanisms of the Solar Activity Cycle
E2.3 Energy Release and Particle Acceleration at the Sun and in the Inner Heliosphere

Scientific Commission F: Life Sciences as Related to Space
F2.7 Radiation Protection Beyond LEO
F2.8/D0.1/PSRB2 Planetary and Interplanetary Environmental Models for Radiation Analysis
PSRB1/F2.9 Physics and Design Issues for Radiation Evironmental Models

Scientific Commission H: Fundamental Physics in Space
H0.2 Particle Astrophysics

International Conference on Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields in Large Scale Structure
(3rd Korean Astrophysics Workshop)

The International Conference on Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields in Large Scale Structure(3rd Korean Astrophysics Workshop) will be held August 16-20, 2004 at the Pusan National University, Busan, Korea
If you wish to receive future announcements, please pre-register at their website:

Scientific rationale:
Observations in radio and high energy bands have revealed the existence of nonthermal components, cosmic rays and magnetic fields, in large scale structure of the Universe, and the importance of nonthermal processes has been demonstrated in the studies of relatively nearby clusters. In our efforts to understand these observational signatures, this Conference will review recent progresses in studies of the origin and roles of the nonthermal components in LSS.

- Production and distribution of cosmic rays in LSS
- Generation, evolution and distribution of magnetic fields in LSS
- Role of nonthermal components in LSS
- Observational manifestation of nonthermal processes in LSS
- Simulations of MHD and cosmic ray processes in LSS
- Radio galaxies and AGNs in LSS
- Particle accelerations in LSS

Invited Speakers:
P. L. Biermann, R. D. Blandford, P. Blasi, H. Boehringer, S. Bowyer, R. Cen, J. Cho, T. E. Clarke, L. O'C. Drury, T. A. Ensslin, L. Feretti, R. Fusco-Femiano, G. Giovannini, Gopal-Krishna, J. P. Henry, J. R. Jokipii, T. W. Jones, J. S. Kaastra, H. Kang, P. P. Kronberg, R. M. Kulsrud, A. Lazarian, H. Li, A. Loeb, M. Markevitch, M. V. Medvedev, F. Miniati, A. V. Olinto, J. P. Ostriker, R. J. Protheroe, O. Reimer, L. Rudnick, D. Ryu, C. L. Sarazin, E.-S. Seo, I. L. Tregillis, E. T. Vishniac, H. J. Voelk, E. G. Zweibel

For further information, please visit the website at or contact Dongsu Ryu at


Logo for CRIS Conference The 5TH Cosmic Ray International Seminar (CRIS) will be held in Catania, Italy, May 31 - June 4, 2004, and will focus on ultra high energy cosmic rays close to the GZK cutoff, predicted by K. Greisen and, independently, by G.T.Zatsepin and V.A. Kuz'min in 1966.

CRIS (originally Catania Relativistic Ion Studies) Conference is devoted to debating a specific hot topic in physics. The CRIS Conference series started in 1996. It is planned to take place every second year in the Catania area. CRIS'96 was devoted to the question of the experimental evidence of a liquid-gas phase transition in nuclear matter. CRIS'98 was devoted to HBT interferometry. Both Proceedings were published by World Scientific, Singapore. CRIS 2000 was devoted to debating again the problem of Phase Transitions in Strong Interactions (the Proceedings were published as a dedicated volume of Nuclear Physics A by Elsevier, Amsterdam). Finally, CRIS 2002 was devoted to discussing exotic clustering and its Proceedings were published by AIP.

The website is and email can be sent to .

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