Proposed sites to host LT28 (2017)

Call for Proposals: Proposed Sites to Host LT28 (in 2017)

Proposals are now being sought from those who have an interest to host the 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics to be held in 2017. By natural rotation, LT28 is expected to be held in Europe; LT26 was in Beijing, China, in 2011 and LT27 will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014.

Proposals need not follow a specific format, but should be detailed enough to allow the members of IUPAP C5 to be adequately informed. (A) It is expected that proposals will propose an overall organization of the program consistent with tradition. (B) It is also expected that proposals will include: (1) information on the proposed conference site, with meeting space details, and the anticipated date span for the conference, (2) comments on the scientific program, including the topical areas of the major parallel sessions, (3) the proposed conference chairperson, with details about the various planned committees, (4) comments on the publication plan for the proceedings, (5) an anticipated budget including the registration fee, likely sources of financial support and the possibility for financial aid, (6) comments on local accommodations, proximity to the meeting site and local travel options, (7) tentative plans for excursions, and (8) other information that proposers may wish to supply.

Proposals should be sent to the chair of IUPAP C5: by e-mail with attachments (e-mail:, or by regular mail (Dr. K. Kono, Low Temperature Physics Laboratory, RIKEN, Wako-shi, 351-0198 Japan).


Deadline for receipt of proposals is April 15, 2014. The C5 Committee anticipates that the selection will be finalized during its meeting in Buenos Aires at the time of LT27 (early August, 2014) and announced at the end of LT27.