Minutes of the IUPAP Council Meeting

Saturday September 29, 2001
Mexico City, Mexico


Present: R. Barber, K. Binder, J. Franz, P. Kalmus, J.L. Moran-Lopez, Y. Petroff, B. Richter (by conference phone) R. Turlay, H. Yasuoka, E. Zingu,

Absent: A. Ardeberg, J. Nilsson, G. Yang.

IUPAP Staff: E. Ridgway.

Minutes: The Minutes of the 2000 Council meeting in Beijing were approved.

Commission Affairs

C10: Replacement of Ken Ando by P. Monceau was approved. Monceau will serve as both Vice-Chair and Secretary for the next year.

C6: Comments on biological physics. Petroff stressed the need to cooperate rather than trying to compete with IUPAB. Binder pointed out that the field is growing so fast that it is not yet well defined. Richter noted that cross fertilization needed between the two groups and that they should be encouraged to open up other areas in biological physics without competing with IUPAB.

C14 The appointment of Minella C. Allarcon from UNESCO was approved as the new associate member to C14.

Inter Union delegates:
Richter is to send letter to the IUPAP delegates to the Inter Unions to see what activities are going on and their relevance to IUPAP.

Committee on By-laws and Statutes;
Rowe is to send proposal on commission tasks to Burton for the By-Laws.

Consensus was reached that the old rules on "three-term" candidates in the By-Laws apply until the By-Laws are changed.

ICSU Matters

Small committees on ICSU issues have been set up as named in the Minutes of the C&CC meeting. The committees are to have draft reports in early January.

International Conferences

Conferences were approved for 2002. The maximum for conference registration fees for 2002 was raised to $350. For 2003 and beyond, the increase in conference fees will be determined on a 50/50 basis; 50% in USD/50% in Euros.

Discussion next focused on the free circulation of scientists. The US requires that participants from "sensitive" countries apply for visas at least 90 days in advance. Ridgway is to give a list of 2002 conferences to be held in the USA to Lerch (APS) and he will work with the organizers on visa matters. The sentence covering visas should be emphasized in conference award letters.

Working Groups

The Council agreed to underwrite $25,000 for the International Conference on Women in Physics, if needed.

It was agreed that Richter could take $5,000 for a small technical meeting of advisors to the Working Group on Communications from the reserves, if he felt this was needed.

Member Affairs

New members:
Senegal was approved as a new member. They will receive an invoice for 2002.
Latvia was approved. Turlay will write a letter to them. They will receive an invoice for 2002 that will be paid with the assistance of Martinson if necessary.

Algeria is to be removed from the membership list, as they have never officially joined.

Bulgaria will not be allowed to vote in the General Assembly. Turlay will write them a letter to that effect.

Ghana- Turlay will write a letter that their past dues will be forgiven if their dues for 2001 and 2002 are paid. Otherwise, they will be removed from the membership list.

Georgia - Turlay will write a letter that their past dues will be forgiven if their dues for 2001 and 2002 are paid. Otherwise, they will be removed from the membership list.

Kenya- Turlay will write a letter that their past dues will be forgiven if their dues for 2001 and 2002 are paid.

France - Richter will send a letter to the French Academy of Sciences discussing the dues that are owed. The number of shares for France will be reduced if no response is received.

Cuba - Jose Luis is to contact Perez- Alvarez to get information about the invoice to him.

Franz stated that IUPAP needs to find a way to get more African members since we have lost or are losing a number of African members. Zingu stressed the need to convince governments of dollar poor countries of the benefits of being an IUPAP member; one suggestion is to give larger travel grants to member countries than to non-members. Richter suggested that regional memberships might be a possibility for African countries, or perhaps another mechanism can be found. Binder suggested membership grants. There is to be an email discussion on this between Richter, Petroff, Turlay and Franz.

Financial Matter

The 2000 Audit Report was accepted by the Council.

The 2002 proposed budget was approved with the following changes:
Income from membership dues set at $300,000
Travel grants were set at $32,000
Council meeting expenses were set at $30,000
$5,000 for Working Group on Communications Technical Group
$25,000 for International Conference on Women in Physics

The Council approved as an agenda item for the General Assembly that the currency for membership dues be based on the Euro.

The Council approved a recommendation that the increase in membership dues to be phased in over three years at 3% per year starting in 2003. This will be an item on the Agenda of the General Assembly.

The meeting was adjourned.
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