22nd General Assembly of IUPAP (1996) - -Recipients of IUPAP token

Appendix 7 RECIPIENTS OF IUPAP TOKEN - COUNCIL Members and CHAIRMEN leaving office 1996

Executive Council:

Yu. A. Ossipyan (Russia)
W. Heinicke (Germany)
P. Chaudhari (USA)
A. Frova (Italy)
G. Marx (Hungary)
F. Pobell (Germany)
B. P. Stoicheff (Canada)
J. Werle (Poland)


E. Brézin (France) C3
H. Moraal (S. Africa) C4
D. D. Osheroff (USA) C5
V. I. Goldanskii* (Russia) C6
Lu Jeu Sham (USA) C8
K. H. J. Buschow (Netherlands) C9
J. Axe (USA) C10
J. Sacton (Belgium) C11
A. Arima (Japan) C12
P. K. Kaw (India) C16
C. B. Collins (USA) C17
F. Calogero (Italy) C18
J. Trümper (Germany) C19
Gunnar Tibell and Curt Ekström in charge of local organization.

* is now a member of C6

IUPAP Officers 1993-96 recently deceased:

M. Kotani (Japan) Council: Vice-President
R. Kubo (Japan) Council: Vice-President
Sir N.F. Mott (UK) Council: President
G. Wdowsczyk (Poland) Commission: Chair and Secretary of C4