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Resolution 3 - 27th General Assembly (2011)

To amend the By-Law IIB to the following:

  1. All elections are for a term of three years.
  2. Chairs may not be re-elected to any position on the Commission beyond their term as Chair, and Vice Chairs/Secretaries may not be re-elected to the same positions nor be re-elected as an ordinary member - except in extraordinary circumstances, and, in such circumstances, special approval by the General Assembly is required. Ordinary members may be elected twice.
  3. Normally the Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair are to be chosen from among those who have served at least one term on the Commission.
  4. Service in all capacities shall not exceed three terms.

The General Assembly may grant exceptions for those Commissions that undertake long-term projects or where continuity is particularly important.

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