WG.6: Working Group on Energy

The Working Group on Energy was mandated by IUPAP in 2003. The charge to the working group is the following:

  • To list the various sources of useful energy and discuss how each can be expected to supply needed energy over the next 50-100 years.
  • To discusss the advantages and drawbacks of each of these sources.
  • To identify the energy needs of countries around the world and discuss different approaches that would be useful for each.
  • To make recommendations on specific areas where physics-based research and development is needed.
  • To work with ICSU so that IUPAP's efforts enhance its more general studies.
  • To prepare a paper on the findings of the working group and have this ready to present at the IUPAP General Assembly in 2005.


Prof. Kl. Heinloth, Chair, Bonn University
Prof. Y. Nagai, Osaka University
Prof. Jon Samseth, Norwegian Physical Society
Prof. John Ahearn, Duke University
Prof. P.K. Kaw, Institute for Plasma Research-India
Prof. Burton Richter, IUPAP Representative, Stanford University
Prof. F. Yndurain, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Prof. Rogerio Cerqueira Leite, Campinas University
Prof. Yuping Huo, Chinese Academy of Sciences